Prime Hotel Beijing
2 Wangfujing Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

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Prime Hotel Beijing

Prime Hotel Beijing

Emperor Restaurant(Chinese Restaurant)
Designed to resemble an Imperial Dining Hall, the Emperor Restaurant is richly appointed in the reds and golds of the Forbidden City with Phoenixes and Dragons winding their way around the pillars. In the Emperor Restaurant, you can enjoy the Cantonese delicacies prepared by our chefs and be treated like an Emperor.

Prime Hotel Beijing

Elysee’ Grill Restaurant(Western Restaurant)
With a cosy and romantic ambience, the Elysee’ Grill Restaurant is harmonized with both fine traditional cuisine and modern French dishes.

Cafe Wangfujing (Cafeteria)
You can experience various cuisines from many parts of the world in our Cafe Wangfujing.

Tang Ren Bar
With various kinds of antiques, exquisite decorations, the Tang Ren Bar ornaments in the Chinese fashion and provides you with the extremely good liquor and characteristic refreshments.

Lobby Lounge
Located at the southwest corner of on the level 1 in our hotel, the Lobby Lounge supplys various drinks with enjoyable tea art performance. It’s a good place for business activities and social meeting with friends.